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ADVA Optical Networking Security Talk Reveals Vulnerabilities in Transport Network

Presentation Shows How Governments and Businesses Can Protect Critical Infrastructure Against Backdoor Cyberattacks

  • Speaker: Karsten Geise, director, global business development Ethernet, ADVA Optical Networking
  • Topics: Secure Connectivity on Every Network Layer
  • When: Friday, September 23, 10 a.m.
  • Where: Room two, Internet Security Days 2016, Phantasialand, Bruehl, Cologne, Germany

As the German government recently learnt the hard way, public sector networks are far from immune to cyberattacks. Full-blown protection, control and monitoring of the internet and its IP components is like having an armed guard at your front door. The problem, however, is that the backdoors are not just unlocked but wide open for spying, manipulating and even gaining control over corporate IT and control centers.

ADVA Optical Networking is focused on the basic transport infrastructure such as optical networking equipment that provides unfettered connectivity, structuring traffic flow and delivering data in a consistent and secure way. In this presentation, Karsten Geise will explain how to protect mission-critical transport networks against local, regional and global cyberattacks.

Catch Karsten’s presentations at Internet Security Days 2016, September 23 in Cologne. Can’t make the event or want more details? Contact public-relations(at) To view presentations on ADVA Optical Networking’s NFV solutions, its security strategy and other speaking sessions, please visit