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Oscilloquartz Sync Expert to Share Breakthrough Optically Pumped Cesium Beam Clock Results

Presentation to Reveal How Major Innovation in Design of Atomic Frequency Standard Will Deliver Unprecedented Stability

  • Speaker: Patrick Berthoud, senior manager, R&D, Oscilloquartz
  • Topics: Recent Breakthroughs in the Development of an Optical Cesium Clock
  • When: Wednesday, September 14, 12 p.m.
  • Where: VIII International Symposium: Metrology of Time and Space, Berlin Hall, Azimut Hotel, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Optical pumping has been demonstrated to improve the frequency stability of cesium beam clocks without compromising lifetime. This technology has been successfully implemented in metrology clocks for national laboratories but to-date no commercial products have been marketed.

Oscilloquartz is developing an optically pumped cesium beam clock to meet the needs of metrology, defense, space and telecom applications. The company’s first complete optical cesium clocks are under test and preliminary performance results have shown that it achieves a tenfold stability improvement over current magnetic deflection atomic clocks.