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Vodafone Romania uses ADVA NOS in trial of DCSG

News summary:

  • Major mobile network operators need to harness disaggregated and vendor-neutral infrastructure for cost-effective, scalable 5G rollouts 
  • Success of trial demonstrates open mobile transport architectures 
  • PoC features ADVA’s feature-rich Ensemble Activator NOS running on Edgecore’s switching device

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Vodafone Romania is using its carrier-grade network operating system (NOS) in a key trial of disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG) technology in a live nationwide network. Built with ADVA’s Ensemble Activator software running on Edgecore’s new family of DCSG devices, the open multi-vendor transport network succeeded in carrying 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G traffic while also interoperating with Vodafone’s existing infrastructure. The trial is a key step towards Vodafone validating the disaggregated model.

“We are pleased to contribute to the innovation in the field of open telecom networks, facilitating the validation of the open cell site gateway concept in a live network scenario while following our existing standard practices and processes. It was a smooth introduction, proving that the concept of open telecom networks where hardware is decoupled from software is feasible – not only in core network platforms through virtualization and in mobile radio access networks through the OpenRAN, but now also in the IP transport layer,” said Catalin Buliga, CTO, Vodafone Romania. “Mobile networks have been for years locked into a limited number of traditional telecom equipment vendors. By investing in developing open networks, where the hardware and software are decoupled, we open the gate to a wide range of suppliers for hardware, a wide range of suppliers for software, we accelerate innovation and increase our resilience.”

Our open and feature-rich Ensemble Activator NOS and Edgecore’s high-performance white boxes free network operators from closed proprietary systems.
Eli Angel, VP, product line management, ADVA

By using ADVA and Edgecore’s technology in a complete and fully tested DCSG offering, the trial gives Vodafone Romania insight into new mobile transport opportunities. Developed within the Telecom Infra Project’s Open Optical & Packet Transport group, the solution provides an open, agile and scalable solution able to meet today’s protocol requirements and is adaptable with future needs. Its hardware-supported SyncE and IEEE 1588 timing, with optional SFP-based GNSS backup, fulfills the most stringent synchronization accuracy requirements.

“This latest trial highlights how major mobile network operators have an alternative simple and cost-effective route to the deployment for 5G services. Our open and feature-rich Ensemble Activator NOS and Edgecore’s high-performance white boxes free network operators from closed proprietary systems. They enable them to deploy vendor-neutral disaggregated architectures using best-in-class components,” commented Eli Angel, VP, product line management, ADVA. “Today’s customers expect vendors to work side by side and build open solutions that can easily fit into complex heterogeneous environments. But while some in the industry do little more than talk about their commitment to collaboration and openness, we’re continually proving it. Now, trials like this are making the value of our approach abundantly clear.”

“As the leading provider of open network solutions to Tier 1 operators worldwide, and the leading contributor to the OCP, ONF, and TIP open communities, Edgecore understands the requirement to accelerate the innovation of disaggregated open network deployments while moving toward a more consistent and open infrastructure across mobile broadband and transport networks,” noted George Tchaparian, CEO and president, Edgecore Networks. “This successful live trial in Romania is yet another proof point that open networking is robust and deployable in the most demanding network environments.”