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LU-CIX harnesses ADVA FSP 3000 for 400G backbone

Flexible, scalable solution tackles huge growth in data demand for major European internet exchange

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that the Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange (LU-CIX) has deployed its FSP 3000 with QuadFlex™ technology to meet soaring data demand from its regional and international partners. LU-CIX will use the solution to enable high-quality connectivity of up to 400Gbit/s to its national internet exchange backbone interconnecting its points of presence in four major data centers. The scalability, compact footprint and market-leading energy efficiency of ADVA’s technology were key to LU-CIX’s choice of solution. So too was the comprehensive support provided by ADVA and its partner Telindus, a brand of Proximus Luxembourg. Telindus played a key role in the project, ensuring that the next-generation technology interworks with LU-CIX’s existing infrastructure for a seamless transition to 400Gbit/s.

“This upgrade is great news for the internet community in Luxembourg and beyond. Recently, we’ve seen astronomical growth in data demand and deploying 400Gbit/s technology in our network is a major part of our response,” said Claude Demuth, CEO, LU-CIX Management GIE. “The ADVA FSP 3000 met all of our performance, flexibility and size demands. Its small footprint is a key feature, along with its innate capacity to scale. It’s also an open solution that offers configuration flexibility and the freedom to leverage other technologies in the future. Just as important was the excellent cooperation and expertise of the ADVA and Telindus engineers. They share our passion for excellence networking. By collaborating closely with our team, they were able to ensure expert planning and preparation for a smooth and cost-efficient migration to 400Gbit/s backbone.”
The ADVA FSP 3000 met all of our performance, flexibility and size demands.
Claude Demuth, CEO, LU-CIX Management GIE
The ADVA FSP 3000 offers deployment flexibility. It ensures low first-in costs today and easy scalability for the future. This will help LU-CIX to continue to maximize its position as a key European peering hub with close proximity to major internet exchanges located in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris. Also crucial to LU-CIX’s new network are the coherent capabilities of ADVA’s QuadFlex™ line cards. These increase spectrum utilization so that a single chassis can support multi-Terabit transmissions over long distances without the need for signal regeneration. A winner of Layer123’s Network Transformation Award for Best Energy Efficiency, the ADVA FSP 3000 dramatically reduces emissions. 
“LU-CIX is a key gateway to multimedia, ICT and communication markets in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe. With the speed, scalability and superb efficiency of our technology in its backbone network, it will continue to be a pivotal connectivity resource for internet service providers, content delivery networks and businesses for many years to come,” commented Yann Evain, senior director, sales, Benelux, ADVA. “Designed for future-proofing and bandwidth optimization, our FSP 3000 offers unbeatable metrics. It delivers significant energy savings and, with its high-density 1RU design, occupies very little rack space. Another key advantage of our modular solution is that it provides inbuilt flexibility to grow to 800Gbit/s and beyond. Together with our partner Telindus Luxembourg, we’ve built a network that increases the value of Luxembourg as a key ICT hub and empowers LU-CIX to continue supporting the internet community from the heart of Europe.”