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TIP uses ADVA’s disaggregated cell site gateway solution in MWC demo

Mobile network showcase features ADVA’s unique carrier-grade NOS and Edgecore’s open cell site gateway device

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that its Ensemble Activator network operating system (NOS) is at the heart of a pioneering Telecom Infra Project (TIP) demo at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The showcase features a unified end-to-end mobile network built on a fully tested and integrated white box gateway device developed by TIP’s Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways (DCSG) group. The DCSG solution comprises ADVA’s Ensemble Activator, the industry’s only true carrier-grade NOS for bare-metal switches, and open network technology from Edgecore Networks. Due to be generally available in the second half of this year, the open, vendor-neutral solution will be an invaluable tool for mobile network operators as they look to cost-effectively roll out 5G services.
“What this week’s demo highlights is the huge potential of disaggregated technology to provide choice, accelerate innovation, and create new cost efficiencies. The value of openness and interoperability will be particularly significant in this space due to the enormous volume of cell site gateway devices,” said Luis MartinGarcia, co-lead, DCSG project group, TIP. “By working closely together, the members of our DCSG group are creating the foundation of the next generation of mobile networks. This technology will provide the cornerstone of affordable, scalable 5G rollouts. Communication service providers (CSPs) will soon be able to deploy a complete and fully tested DCSG solution that offers the power to escape vendor lock-in and the opportunity to leverage the latest and greatest technology on the market.“
This demo shows how openness, disaggregation and interoperability make it possible to quickly and affordably deploy hundreds of thousands of gateway devices
Mark Basham, VP, business development, Edgecore Networks
Engineered to TIP’s white box gateway specifications, the new DCSG solution enables software to be disaggregated from hardware, allowing operators to select the ideal technology combination for their needs. This open approach accelerates innovation cycles and significantly reduces CAPEX. As well as providing a NOS, protocol support, dynamic configurability, and manageability, the DCSG also delivers IEEE 1588 timing with optionial SFP-based GNSS backup. Customers will soon be able to leverage the full solution, complete with a comprehensive bundle of installation, commissioning and monitoring services. ADVA's DCSG is the second commercial offering it has developed for TIP, following its successful roll out of a packet optical solution built around the Voyager optical white box.
“This showcase is great news for mobile network operators. It demonstrates the enormous value of our vendor-neutral DCSG device and shows that there’s now a straightforward, economical route to deploying the dense networks of cell site gateways needed to meet 5G traffic demands,” said Niall Robinson, VP, global business development, ADVA. “As a key member of the TIP DCSG group, we’ve worked closely with major CSPs to create a gateway that addresses the most urgent challenges they currently face. Our DCSG is a simple and complete solution for evolving mobile infrastructure to 5G. Featuring the first ever disaggregated NOS with the proven capabilities required for true carrier-class services, it provides CSPs with genuine choice and true freedom to innovate.”
“The technology we’re demonstrating this week will be a key component of tomorrow’s mobile infrastructure. The solution we’ve created alongside ADVA and other TIP DCSG group members will empower CSPs to roll out 4G and 5G wireless services with the economies of disaggregated open network technology,” commented Mark Basham, VP, business development, Edgecore Networks. “This demo shows how openness, disaggregation and interoperability make it possible to quickly and affordably deploy hundreds of thousands of gateway devices. By breaking up closed proprietary systems and enabling true vendor-neutral mobile infrastructure, we’re giving our customers a new level of scalability, versatility and network efficiency as well as the power to harness the latest innovation.”