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ADVA simplifies network operations with launch of Ensemble Controller

Consolidated network management and SDN control delivers easy route to virtualized networking and automated operations

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today radically simplified network operations with the launch of its Ensemble Controller. The new tool for the management and control of ADVA’s broad portfolio empowers customers to easily transition from manual management to automated operations. Ensemble Controller enables end-to-end SDN control in multi-layer, virtualized networks. It empowers ADVA’s customers to smoothly evolve their traditional network management to an orchestrator-based multi-vendor system. Building on ADVA’s successful FSP Network Manager with its user-friendly GUI and open domain SDN controller, Ensemble Controller integrates with ADVA’s NFV products for seamless management and operation of physical and virtual infrastructure. Combining control of the cloud with the connectivity infrastructure removes barriers to service innovation and gives customers the speed and agility they need to compete with OTT suppliers.
“Our Ensemble Controller accelerates the transition to software-defined networks with the cost-efficiency of standard hardware and the flexibility of disaggregated transport solutions. In the face of increasing network complexity, our hybrid management and control approach reduces operational costs through automation and simultaneously represents the optimal compromise between flexibility and a secure future,” said Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA. “By making the entire infrastructure software-configurable, we’re enabling the shift from costly and unwieldy manual operations to complete automation and eventually autonomous networking. Our Ensemble Controller speeds up fault isolation and simplifies integration under multi-domain controllers with open and standardized interfaces. With limitless scale and openness, Ensemble Controller is the key to rapid and affordable digital transformation.”
With limitless scale and openness, Ensemble Controller is the key to rapid and affordable digital transformation.
Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA
Building on ADVA’s widely deployed network management systems, Ensemble Controller provides highly scalable, open control for any ADVA solution, including virtualized network functions and disaggregated network domains. Its open and flexible architecture is extensible with technology and service-specific applications such as the Ensemble ConnectGuard™ Director for managing security, the Ensemble Fiber Plant Manager for rapid failure localization and the Ensemble Sync Director for controlling precise network timing. Ensemble Controller’s SDN interfaces interoperate seamlessly with commercial and open source multi-domain controllers, including Juniper Network’s NorthStar Controller, NEC/Netcracker, Nokia Network Services Platform, Sedona Systems, ONOS and OpenDaylight.
“With its open interfaces, our Ensemble Controller is central to our mission of helping cloud and network service providers to break up monolithic systems and to adopt agile, disaggregated networking,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA. “One major benefit of our new Ensemble Controller is its modularity and extensibility. Ensemble Controller uniquely supplements our market leading Ensemble NFV virtualization and edge cloud solutions with Ensemble Virtualization Director for homogenous management of physical and virtual network components. However our customers want to optimize their operations and whatever direction they want to grow their business, our Ensemble Controller and our wider Ensemble software suite is the technology to make it a success.”