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Pilot sets new standard for uptime with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution

Real-time network assurance technology enables rapid troubleshooting for SLA-based services

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Pilot is utilizing the ADVA ALM to instantly isolate faults in the fiber plant and take immediate targeted action. By reducing truck rolls and enhancing responsiveness to issues impacting network infrastructure, this proactive in-service assurance technology represents a significant milestone in Pilot’s commitment to delivering 100% uptime for business customers. The ADVA ALM is being rolled out throughout Pilot’s entire access network in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. ADVA’s partner M2 Optics, a provider of custom optical infrastructure and test solutions, also played a key role in the project, implementing the solution and providing network design expertise.

“This deployment is key to our mission of ensuring zero downtime for our customers. With the ADVA ALM, our crews can respond to all fiber issues with agility and pinpoint accuracy. In many cases, we’ll have identified the issue before customers are even aware there’s a problem,” said Rob Walker, director, R&D, Pilot. “The impact of the new technology goes even further than boosting efficiency and availability. It also enables us to bring new locations on-net faster, while characterizing the baseline network path so that we can constantly evaluate and remediate any anomalies. The ADVA ALM maximizes the potential of our networks, empowering us to solve problems quicker and bring products to market faster for a crucial competitive advantage.”
The ADVA ALM maximizes the potential of our networks.
Rob Walker, director, R&D, Pilot

The ADVA ALM offers real-time insight into the integrity and performance of Pilot’s fiber infrastructure, significantly improving the robustness and efficiency of its network. It’s a key tool for maintaining valuable SLAs while also reducing operational expense by maximizing resource efficiency. Already deployed throughout New York, the solution is being rolled out in Pilot’s Washington DC and Philadelphia network. The ADVA ALM will also be used to assure Pilot’s next-generation GPON architecture, ensuring the fiber infrastructure meets the demands of the network. What’s more, as one of the first service providers to utilize the high-density 64-port variant of the ADVA ALM, Pilot is ensuring maximum scalability for future expansion.

“For a service provider as dedicated to always-on availability as Pilot, our ALM is the ultimate solution. Uniquely affordable and space-efficient, it delivers comprehensive fiber assurance 24/7. Now Pilot can be certain of detecting degradations and initiating countermeasures before services are affected and SLAs are violated,” commented James Nachazel, VP, sales, North America, ADVA. “With our ALM, it’s easy to separate faults in active devices from problems in the fiber plant. Another key advantage of our ALM is its transparent, service-agnostic monitoring, which is completely independent of transported data. That means it delivers total assurance with no interference to applications.”