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KU Leuven harnesses ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ for 32G Fibre Channel transport

ADVA and Arcadiz Telecom build pioneering research and education DCI network

ADVA (FSE: ADV) announced today that Europe’s most innovative university, KU Leuven, has deployed its FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ to enable 32Gbit/s Fibre Channel and 100Gbit/s Ethernet services. The pioneering research and education (R&E) network is the first in the region to support Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology. Built on the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform, the new fully redundant infrastructure also leverages ADVA’s QuadFlex™ line card and OpenFabric™ cross-connect – two technologies optimized for maximum flexibility and efficiency in metro data center interconnect networks. The deployment enables KU Leuven to meet the demand for higher capacity driven by its world-leading research. ADVA’s Elite partner Arcadiz Telecom, which played a key role in the rigorous planning and smooth installation of the transport system, will also provide ongoing maintenance support.
“ADVA’s CloudConnect™ technology is empowering our researchers to go further than ever before. With its flexibility and huge capacity, the new solution lets our teams collaborate, use advanced applications and share enormous data sets, helping to keep our institution at the forefront of technological discovery,” said Herman Moons, head, ICT infrastructure division, KU Leuven. “This new infrastructure is all about removing limitations. By going beyond other R&E networks and adopting low-latency 32Gbit/s Fibre Channel, we’re maximizing the value of our precious fiber resources and giving students, researchers and professors the benefit of high data capacity secured by synchronous mirroring. What’s more, it enables our operators to add capacity on the fly. Throughout this project, we’ve worked closely with ADVA and Arcadiz Telecom. The excellent level of cooperation and the expertise of their engineers ensured smooth planning, preparation and implementation. Arcadiz Telecom has been our strategic partner since 2011 and we know we’re in safe hands relying on their ongoing support.”
Built on the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform, the new fully redundant solution meets booming demand for faster connectivity and more storage. It will be an invaluable tool for staff and researchers in KU Leuven’s campuses across Flanders, Belgium. ADVA has long been the global pioneer in supporting the latest and fastest Fibre Channel speeds. Last year, it was the first vendor to demonstrate 32Gbit/s Fibre Channel transport over 100km, using Gen 6 of the storage area network protocol. The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ solution was developed to meet stringent density, security and energy demands. Designed for optimum scalability and bandwidth optimization, the platform offers unrivalled efficiency. Combined with the ADVA FSP 3000 QuadFlex™ and OpenFabric™ technologies, it provides superb levels of capacity and flexibility.
We’ve created a transport system capable of carrying much higher data volumes than has ever been achieved in this area before.
Yann Evain, sales director, Benelux, ADVA
“Through our close partnership with Arcadiz Telecom, we’ve been able to work with KU Leuven to push the boundaries of possibility for R&E networks. We’ve created a transport system capable of carrying much higher data volumes than has ever been achieved in this area before. It’s also a future-proof investment ready to scale even further in years to come,” commented Yann Evain, sales director, Benelux, ADVA. “One of the advantages of this network is that it enables KU Leuven’s data centers to maximize the performance of flash-optimized storage arrays. Having rapid access to phenomenal amounts of data frees academics to achieve even more. The new solution also delivers huge energy savings and, with its incredibly small footprint, occupies very little rack space. Its inherent scalability protects KU Leuven’s investments, helping the university maintain its reputation as a global technology leader and its top position in Reuters’ rankings of Europe’s most innovative universities.”
“As KU Leuven’s close neighbor, we’re proud to be helping one of the oldest and most renowned research universities in Europe take its IT capabilities to the next level. With academics harnessing bigger and bigger data sets, the university has seen an exponential growth in the need for bandwidth and storage capabilities. Together with ADVA, we’ve helped deliver the perfect response to that skyrocketing demand,” said Marc Vandeputte, CTO, Arcadiz Telecom. “KU Leuven is a leader for innovation and patent submissions and so it’s no surprise that it’s been quick to adopt the latest network technology. Most R&E transport infrastructure has been upgraded to 10Gbit/s services but no more. Now academics and scientists in a wide range of fields will have cutting-edge connectivity at their disposal. What’s more, with our support and expertise, KU Leuven will be able to maximize the potential of this unique resource for years to come.”