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ADVA expands Partner Ecosphere Program

PEP widens scope of hugely successful partner ecosystem and provides new opportunities for more resellers

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today launched its expanded Partner Ecosphere Program (PEP). PEP now provides new tools for existing partners, includes a wider range of technologies and offers greater business opportunities for more value-added resellers. In the five years since its inception, PEP has proved to be extremely successful, helping businesses across the globe grow their customer base and creating close relationships between ADVA and its partners. This has enabled those companies to access new revenue streams, offer a portfolio of market-leading solutions and improve customer experience in their regions. The newly enhanced program will empower a wider range of partners to offer the latest technology while continuing to provide strong support for existing PEP partners.
“ADVA’s dedication to partner business has been remarkably successful, generating millions in revenue for our partners and enabling phenomenal growth in highly competitive markets around the world. We’re confident that our broader PEP structure and enhanced resource portal will empower more companies to deliver even greater value for their customers,” said Gottfried Bonleitner, director, global channel management, ADVA. “The expansion of the program also reflects our growth over the last five years and the strategic acquisitions we’ve made in that time. In addition to our focus on open connectivity solutions for the data center interconnect space and our market-leading portfolio for the network edge, we’re also enabling cost-effective phase synchronization in multiple network scenarios with our highly innovative timing solutions and delivering unprecedented choice through our network virtualization technology.”
Every aspect of the enhanced program has been enhanced and developed together with partners to create something truly special.
Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA
As well as incorporating qualified and certified Select and Elite partners, ADVA’s newly expanded PEP program now features two additional levels: Connect and Connect+. These provide entry-level access to the partner ecosphere, bringing more resellers under the PEP umbrella and helping them reach their unique business objectives. These additional levels widen ADVA’s global network, promote expertise and foster international cooperation. The program is also now structured to enable progression as partners take up ADVA’s online training and system consultant certification opportunities. With access to extensive resources, regional workshops and on-demand technological advice, associated companies can be sure of support every step of the way.
“Our expanded PEP program is all about empowering our partners to achieve phenomenal success. That was the original aim and it’s certainly delivered on that goal, helping companies across the world to address new markets and increase profitability,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA. “What PEP means for our partners is a special relationship with a leading supplier, access to joint marketing activities, pre- and post-sales training and qualification, and a better standing with customers. We’ve put a huge amount of energy and strategic thought into this latest expansion. Every aspect of the enhanced program has been enhanced and developed together with partners to create something truly special. It’s exciting to be able to give more companies the chance to leverage our resources and support.”