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ADVA wins multiple Nordic banking customers with encryption technology

ConnectGuard™ security solution now safeguarding data in several major financial networks

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that its optical encryption technology has been deployed by several major Swedish financial enterprises. Installed by ADVA’s long-term partner, the IT solutions provider Shibuya Crossing, ADVA ConnectGuard™ is now providing some of Scandinavia’s largest banks with the most robust security available. The technology safeguards mission-critical data by encrypting at the lowest network layer, guaranteeing the most resilient protection with none of the latency and performance problems that come with other security methods. ConnectGuard™ is the first technology that supports Fibre Channel encryption for service speeds up to 32Gbit/s on line speeds of up to 200Gbit/s. It’s also the only solution capable of such speeds to achieve BSI-approved status, enabling its use for EU and NATO restricted data.
“We’ve been working closely with ADVA for more than 15 years and the value of our partnership is well known. Financial institutions in this region put a great deal of faith in ADVA’s comprehensive Layer 1 encryption technology and the dedication and technical expertise of our combined team. There’s simply no one better to turn to for secure data center transport solutions that stand up to the latest cybersecurity threats and meet the diverse demands of today’s leading banking institutions,” said Mikael Johansson, director, sales and marketing, Shibuya Crossing. “Also fundamental to our success in Sweden is the ability of our solutions to support the latest Fibre Channel transport and seamlessly integrate next-generation storage technology as soon as it becomes available. This ensures that we’re maximizing the power of our clients’ storage area networks both now and in years to come.”
For an enterprise that relies on data integrity and customer trust, deploying Layer 1 network protection couldn’t be more vital.
Peter Atterlöf, sales director, Nordics and Baltics, ADVA
Now safeguarding Sweden’s most critical financial infrastructure, ADVA ConnectGuard™ is a comprehensive, high-performance security system for the protection of data in-flight and a key tool in the fight against cyberattacks. Compliant with the strictest regulatory requirements, ConnectGuard™ is the first BSI-approved solution to protect data at the physical network layer. This method of encryption, which ensures the lowest cost-per-bit as well as ultra-low latency and high performance, has become the de-facto standard for major financial institutions. Designed primarily for data center interconnect applications transporting huge amounts of data across geographically dispersed locations, ConnectGuard™ provides robust encryption across line speeds of up to 200Gbit/s and eliminates the need for stand-alone security equipment. 
“We’re proud that our longstanding partnership with Shibuya Crossing is providing new opportunities to Sweden’s leading banks and bringing peace of mind to their clients. Specifically engineered to protect data wherever it is in the network, our ConnectGuard™ is the encryption technology of choice for the financial sector. For an enterprise that relies on data integrity and customer trust, deploying Layer 1 network protection couldn’t be more vital,” commented Peter Atterlöf, sales director, Nordics and Baltics, ADVA. “Another important factor for major banks is the ability to harness the best available storage areas network protocols. Our continuing focus on innovation in this area is another reason why so many financial institutions are deploying our security technology.”