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Oscilloquartz Synchronizes Indian Defense’s National Transport Network

Next-Gen Sync Supply Unit and Advanced Cesium Clock Technology Vital to World’s Largest Purpose-Built Defense Network

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, announced today that it has been selected to synchronize a nationwide core transport network being built for India’s armed forces. The 60,000km infrastructure is being constructed by a consortium led by Himachal Futuristic Communications (HFCL). The enormous greenfield transport network, referred to as Network for Spectrum (NFS), will play a critical role in serving the communication needs of India’s defense forces. Oscilloquartz’s technology will provide phenomenally precise frequency and phase delivery to meet the strict accuracy requirements of the mission-critical infrastructure. Oscilloquartz’s cesium beam clock is a key component of the backbone solution, along with its scalable synchronization supply unit and comprehensive synchronization management system, SyncView™ Plus.
“This is a major network project in terms of scale and criticality. That’s why it’s important that each element of the infrastructure delivers world-class performance and value,” said Mr. B. B. Singh, senior VP, HFCL. “To build a network that’s able to support the world’s third-largest defense force, we knew we had to put together a consortium of partners that we could trust. In Oscilloquartz, we have a team with a strong record of success. Their work with synchronization networks throughout India is well known. With their cesium primary reference clocks and high-performance synchronization units, we’ve been able to deliver even more value. And Oscilloquartz’s technology also ensures scalability for long-term growth.”
The success of this vast and vital new infrastructure relies on having the best timing solution available. It depends on our innovation and our expertise.
Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz

Accurate timing and synchronization are critically important to defense communications, where any drift or delay can have serious repercussions. Oscilloquartz’s solutions meet the most rigorous standards, guaranteeing mission-critical data is assured as it moves across India. Oscilloquartz’s cesium primary reference clocks are autonomous and self-contained, making them extremely reliable and immune from external influences. What’s more, the SyncView™ Plus system provides performance and security management of the entire NFS synchronization infrastructure. This latest deployment consolidates Oscilloquartz’s market leadership position as the major supplier of timing and synchronization solutions to India’s networks.

“In a defense communication network, precise frequency, phase and time synchronization couldn’t be more critical. That’s why we were chosen to build a solution that guarantees highly accurate service delivery,” commented Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz. “The success of this vast and vital new infrastructure relies on having the best timing solution available. It depends on our innovation and our expertise. The whole Oscilloquartz team understands the huge difference a nanosecond makes and our solutions provide phenomenal accuracy at every point. We’re making sure that the whole network talks the same language right across the country. Throughout the process, we’ve worked meticulously with HFCL to get every detail right. And we’re also committed to maintaining that support for at least the next ten years.”