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Oscilloquartz Synchronizes Mobile TeleSystems’ Network

Innovative PTP Frequency and Phase Synchronization Solutions Address Growing Demand for Next-Generation LTE Services

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, announced today that Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has deployed its OSA 5548C synchronization supply units (SSU) and PTP grandmaster clock technology. MTS, the leading telecommunications group in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, is using the end-to-end timing solution to address strict frequency requirements in its nationwide network. The technology answers a boom in demand for applications that rely on precise timing such as multimedia conferencing, online gaming and video streaming. As well as providing frequency delivery for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services, Oscilloquartz is preparing MTS’s transportation network for phase synchronization. This will enable widespread deployment of LTE-TDD and LTE-A capabilities.
"We believe it’s vital to work with a partner we know and trust. When it comes to traditional synchronization, the support and expertise we’ve always received from the Oscilloquartz team has helped us achieve a lot of success,” said Sergey Zlobin, technical subdivision department director, MTS. “Now our customers are demanding even more. We have over a hundred million subscribers globally. They expect the highest quality and many want to be able to instantly stream films and use real-time video communication, wherever they are. Our business customers need access to multimedia applications that require highly accurate synchronization. We believe that harnessing the latest technology is the only way to keep pace with customer demand. That’s why we’ve invested in a next-generation network ready for accurate synchronization of phase as well as frequency – ready for LTE-A.”
We’ve invested in a next-generation network ready for accurate synchronization of phase as well as frequency – ready for LTE-A.
Sergey Zlobin, technical subdivision department director, MTS

For many years, Oscilloquartz has provided traditional frequency synchronization for our national transport network,” commented Dmitry Shevchenko, leading MTS synchronization expert. “By continuing to invest in Oscilloquartz technology and expertise, we’re ensuring a seamless migration from legacy to next-generation timing. Now, in addition to highly accurate frequency information, phase data can be synchronized to within tolerances of less than a microsecond. This essential component for LTE-A and LTE-TDD services is achieved through grandmaster functionality at the edge of the backhaul network. Supporting both legacy interfaces and the latest PTP technology creates a scalable and highly accurate, end-to-end timing solution. Availability is also improved as the new solution is far less reliant on the GNSS.”

“MTS is a company always looking for ways to offer more to their subscribers – always pushing the boundaries of what's possible,” said Vladyslav Ivanov, business development director, Oscilloquartz. “Our team is intent on helping MTS achieve their ambitions. The task of delivering more to over 100 million customers spread over such an enormous network has been challenging but hugely rewarding. MTS’s footprint extends across the entire country and the CIS. A lot of team work and all of our years of expertize has gone into the task of bringing next-generation synchronicity to an architecture like this. And, of course, our SSU and grandmaster clock technology makes the difference. With temperature-hardened design for total precision and superb holdover performance, it’s enabled us to address the network’s stringent timing demands.”