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TDC Anchors National Network With Oscilloquartz Cesium Clock

High-Precision Primary Reference Source Delivers Vital Accuracy and Stability for Frequency and Measurement

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, announced today that TDC has deployed its OSA 3230B cesium clock in its national optical transport network. The technology provides phenomenally precise measurement reference with accuracy 10 times better than ITU-T recommendations. TDC, the leading telecommunications provider in Denmark, has already deployed Oscilloquartz timing and distribution solutions to meet strict accuracy requirements for frequency, phase and time-of-day information delivery. Now it’s leveraging the frequency-source technology for a stable and accurate reference signal entirely free from frequency drift. Oscilloquartz is supporting TDC in all areas from the new cesium-based primary reference source to the OSA 5548C synchronization supply units for phase and frequency regeneration.
“We’re seeing a big increase in the number of different applications and services running on our network,” said Claus Bundgaard, manager, transmission planning, TDC. “Precise time and frequency synchronization has become more essential than ever in providing the smooth, reliable service that our customers expect. We’ve had a close and successful working relationship with the team at Oscilloquartz for over 15 years so we knew they would give us expert advice and total support with the upgrade. The key advantage is that the new cesium atomic clock will be used not only for network synchronization but also as an external frequency source for various types of measurement. It provides a frequency standard that won’t change over time, guaranteeing end-to-end accuracy and complete reliability for our customers.”
It provides a frequency standard that won’t change over time, guaranteeing end-to-end accuracy and complete reliability for our customers.

Precise synchronization has become more vital than ever as more people access real-time voice, video and gaming applications through mobile devices. TDC is responding to the challenge by deploying the OSA 3230B, a highly compact, autonomous and self-contained cesium primary reference clock source. When it comes to frequency generation it actually performs far better than the stringent stipulations laid out by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), with accuracy 10 times above ITU-T G.811 recommendations for SDH and timing over packet solutions. This dramatically improves the performance of TDC’s entire synchronization network. What’s more, it maintains this level of accuracy across its entire lifetime. The OSA 3230B is based on a European cesium tube and all electronics modules and embedded software were researched and developed in Switzerland.

“We’ve built a close partnership with TDC. It’s a relationship based on trust and a mutual understanding that we’ll never settle for second best,” commented Jean Dubuis, VP, sales and business development, Oscilloquartz. “Their team has the support of our expert technicians at every stage. They also know that we build the most reliable and efficient technology in the industry. Our OSA 3230B atomic clock features a long-life cesium tube. It ensures service assurance for the long term by protecting the integrity of timing throughout the network. Using it as a reference for measurement is what gives TDC’s network a huge advantage over primary reference clocks using rubidium-based measurements which are prone to drift and can cause errors. That means no more worries about inaccuracies caused by aging as our OSA 3230B’s frequency won’t fade over time. It gives TDC the peace of mind they need as they concentrate on delivering world-class services to their customers.”