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ADVA Optical Networking Achieves NFV First With FSP 150 ProVM

New Product Delivers Unique Service Assurance for NFV-Based Applications

ADVA Optical Networking today achieved an industry first with the launch of its FSP 150 ProVM product family. The ADVA FSP 150 ProVM is a new generation of edge network functions virtualization (NFV) technology that significantly extends the capabilities of present network interface devices by combining Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP demarcation with an internal server that can host virtual network applications. What stands this product family apart is that it’s the only carrier-grade virtual network functions (VNF) edge solution on the market that can deliver comprehensive service assurance for both its integrated server as well as the connecting network. Hardware-assisted monitoring enables service providers to directly monitor the performance of applications in the most detailed and reliable manner possible. Such service assurance is critical for service providers as they seek to expand their business to offer managed network services.
“Service providers are standing on the edge of a new era of revenue opportunity. NFV presents them with a real chance to dramatically increase the managed services they sell,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “The key to success here is in the implementation. Our new FSP 150 ProVM is the only carrier-grade VNF solution in the industry that combines extensive, hardware-assisted service assurance with virtual application hosting. And this is critical. Service providers need the same level of operations, administration and maintenance as they have with their existing demarcation technology. Without this, they’ll lack critical functionality. NFV at the edge of the network needs assurance, openness and security – three vital ingredients and our FSP 150 ProVM has them all. There can be no question that this technology will be an important component of NFV-centric networks.”
Our team has crafted an edge NFV device that is unlike anything on the market.

To ensure that service providers are able to fully leverage the potential of NFV, the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM is a completely open solution. It includes standardized interfaces based on OpenFlow, OpenStack and Netconf/YANG. The close integration of control and management systems with the underlying hardware creates strong synergies between physical and virtual network functions, resulting in optimum performance. To mitigate the security risks of migrating to open-source software and standard network components, the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM includes ADVA ConnectGuard™. This technology provides a key mix of features that ensure network security and data protection. These features include robust encryption, tamper resistance and network isolation with access control lists. What’s more, the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM also includes the company’s unique Syncjack™ time distribution and assurance technology, a compelling feature for virtualization in the radio access network.

“We’ve worked closely with a number of leading service providers to develop our FSP 150 ProVM. This tight collaboration with fixed and mobile operators has resulted in an essential solution – one that meets all specific functional and operational network requirements,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, VP, marketing, ADVA Optical Networking. “Our team has crafted an edge NFV device that is unlike anything on the market. It builds on our Etherjack™ technology to create service demarcation for the virtualized world. And by combining this directly with an internal server that hosts VNFs, you have a synergy of hardware and software that delivers unparalleled results. This unique combination will prove imperative for service providers as they rapidly respond to a wealth of new business opportunities.”

The capabilities of the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM will be displayed in a joint demonstration with BT and Alchera Technologies at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress from October 12 until October 16.