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ADVA Optical Networking Introduces New Data Center Interconnect Functionality

ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ Now Includes Additional Client Rates, Multiplexing and Amplification Options

ADVA Optical Networking announced today that it has added new client rates, multiplexing and amplification capabilities to its FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform. The company’s flagship data center interconnect (DCI) technology can now support 10Gbit/s and 40Gbit/s client rates in addition to 100Gbit/s. This mix of client rates ensures that customers can effectively scale their DCI networks as their business demands. Also available are a range of new channel multiplexers to best fit customers’ specific needs, including a high-density 48-channel multiplexer on a single line card. What’s more, the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ also features the industry’s first self-contained DCI amplification line card that comprises all necessary components, including an optical supervisory channel. These new DCI features will be officially launched today at NANOG 65.
“In less than a few months, our DCI technology has secured a leading position within the data center market. Our focus on scale, openness and efficiency has resonated across the globe,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “Yet this is hardly surprising when you consider that we built this technology directly with key players in the industry. This engagement didn’t end with the launch though. We’ve continued to listen to their reactions and feedback and continued to innovate. That’s why today we’ve introduced these new client rates and fully integrated multiplexers and amplifiers. These are key features that we know our customers want. They ask, we deliver. But this is only the start. We have even more updates to make in 2016 that will take our DCI platform even further. What we’re showcasing at NANOG 65 is only the beginning.”
Unlike other approaches, ADVA Optical Networking’s DCI doesn’t require any additional external equipment.

The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ was introduced earlier this year and has been widely applauded for its scale, openness and efficiency. This is one of the few DCI technologies on the market that features a 400Gbit/s single line card and can deliver 51.2Tbit/s of total throughput at 1.4Tbit/s per rack unit. It’s also a true open optical line system and supports the latest OpenConfig protocols. Furthermore, it transports 2Tbit/s of duplex traffic at less than 1 kilowatt. That’s less than half a watt per Gbit/s. With the introduction of today’s features, ADVA Optical Networking’s DCI technology will be vital for internet content providers (ICPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) seeking to connect data centers across both shorter and longer distances. In fact, the new amplification capabilities will help transport DCI data over distances in excess of 1,200km at 200Gbit/s per wavelength.

One of the key factors that stands ADVA Optical Networking’s DCI platform apart from competing products is its level of integration. Unlike other approaches, ADVA Optical Networking’s DCI doesn’t require any additional external equipment. There’s no need for optical line system chassis, external amplifiers or further multiplexers. Everything an ICP or CSP needs is contained within one unit – regardless of the amount of data they’re transporting or the distance it’s travelling. More than this though, it also offers complete flexibility and openness and this is key for customers implementing a disaggregated architecture. The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ provides the end user with the option of as little or as much integration as they want. It can be completely configured to match their unique networking needs.

“The DCI space is one of the hottest market segments of 2015 and shows no signs of slowing. In fact, the level of innovation here is only increasing,” commented Stephan Rettenberger, VP, marketing, ADVA Optical Networking. “Our entire team is focused on driving our DCI platform to the next level and that’s really what today’s announcement is about. It’s about commitment and drive. The race to be the trusted DCI partner of choice is gathering pace and we’re uniquely positioned to win. No other vendor in the industry has the close working relationships that our team has. That’s why our DCI technology is proving so successful with so many customers – new and old. When you really listen to what the industry wants and build something especially for it, the results are significant.”