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Oscilloquartz Acquires Time4 Systems to Seize New Synchronization Business Opportunities

Ultra-Compact Finnish Technology Drives Timing Solutions Deeper Into the Access Network

Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, announced today that it has acquired Time4 Systems to help it capitalize on new synchronization opportunities. Based in Finland, Time4 Systems produces SFP-based pluggable clock devices that drive synchronization deeper into the access network. With these mini-clock devices, Time4 Systems changes the way network synchronization is provided via global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers, telecom slave clocks (T-SCs), grandmasters (GMs) or boundary clocks (BCs). The small form factor enables users to deploy synchronization solutions in the most space-efficient manner possible, with low energy consumption and at the lowest possible cost. The SFP-based pluggable clock devices will become a part of the Oscilloquartz product portfolio and complement its existing synchronization offerings.
... enables network providers and network equipment vendors to transform existing equipment into phase and frequency synchronization-capable devices.

“Time4 Systems has a strategic understanding of the synchronization space. Their SFP-based pluggable sync devices are a clear example of this. They are a breakthrough technology for our industry,” said Brian Protiva, CEO, ADVA Optical Networking. “This technology enables Time4 Systems to address a number of key pain points for service providers that are seeking to deploy synchronization devices much deeper in the access network. This is why we acquired them. They are an ideal fit for our Oscilloquartz business and further strengthen a strong product portfolio. In fact, we already have a number of new business opportunities that we’re pursuing and we believe there’s a very clear market out there.”

Oscilloquartz’s acquisition of Time4 Systems rapidly broadens its addressable market, especially in mobile operator access networks. As the deployment of next-generation mobility solutions continues to accelerate, synchronization technology needs to be driven deeper into the access network. To accommodate the rapid proliferation of more radio heads and small cells that requires more and more phase delivery, service providers need small-form pluggable sync devices that can be mass produced and widely distributed. What’s more, service providers ideally need technology that can be plugged into an existing packet network, enabling support for phase synchronization by providing GNSS, T-SC, GM or BC functions. Time4 Systems’ technology does just this. It enables network providers and network equipment vendors to transform existing equipment into phase and frequency synchronization-capable devices. There’s no need to tear this equipment out and buy more – just plug and sync.

“Service providers face significant challenges as they seek to increase the density of radio heads and introduce small cells. What’s more, they need to do so in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way possible, without rebuilding their networks,” commented Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz. “To successfully achieve this, service providers need technology that can truly deliver phase synchronization in multiple network scenarios and in the most cost-effective and transparent way. The team at Time4 Systems understands this and has developed what is possibly the world’s smallest clock device. With their team and their technology as part of Oscilloquartz, we have something special, something that no other competitor in the industry has. This combination presents a compelling business proposition to service providers and network equipment vendors seeking to develop next-generation mobile networks.”