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ADVA Optical Networking to Demonstrate NFV-Based Customer Premise Solution at MPLS SDN World Congress

Brocade and Check Point Play Key Roles in Showcasing Dramatic New Approach to Delivering IP-Based Business Services

ADVA Optical Networking announced today that it will host a joint demonstration at the MPLS SDN World Congress showcasing how Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) can be used to establish a virtual customer premise solution. Developed along with Brocade and Check Point, the demonstration reveals how IP-based business services can be deployed without the need for expensive truck rolls or the installation of additional costly physical devices. Using this NFV-based approach enables services such as routing, firewalling and security to be activated through a simple point-and-click GUI. Such easy service creation is radically different to today’s hardware-centric process.
“The networking industry stands on the cusp of a transformative wave. The long-held promise of true flexibility and rapid service provisioning is almost upon us,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “This is why our joint demonstration at MPLS SDN World Congress is so important. We’re moving beyond the hype of NFV to show the industry exactly what’s possible. Along with our technology partners, Brocade and Check Point, we’ll provide a hands-on understanding of how NFV can be used to replace dedicated hardware with software applications. This approach will enable service providers to explore new business opportunities and exploit new revenue potential. This demonstration will prove to be an important step if the industry is to truly embrace NFV-centric networks.”
... the NID enables the rapid deployment of new IP-based business services to the end user without the need for any further hardware or onsite visits.

ADVA Optical Networking’s joint demonstration is underpinned by a new Network Interface Device (NID) that is currently in development. The advanced NID features a built-in server that enables the creation of several virtual network functions in the device itself. When deployed at the customer premise, the NID enables the rapid deployment of new IP-based business services to the end user without the need for any further hardware or onsite visits. These NIDs will prove critical for any service provider seeking to develop NFV-centric networks, especially with the associated need for more sophisticated network termination equipment. The NID’s point-and-click GUI ensures easy service provisioning and has been developed using open source OpenStack software. This open approach provides a seamless path to network integration.

Moving from a hardware-centric customer premise solution to a software-focused approach represents a paradigm shift for the networking industry. Until now, the development of new network edge functions required the installation of separate physical appliances. The associated capital and operating costs of these appliances are significant. However, with NFV at the network’s edge, these costs are dramatically reduced. Individual services and the associated physical devices are collapsed onto a single software-driven NID. ADVA Optical Networking’s joint demonstration will be available to view at the MPLS SDN World Congress from 17th March until 20th March, 2015.