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Nikos Theodosopoulos Elected as Chairman of ADVA Optical Networking’s Supervisory Board

Nikos Theodosopoulos Succeeds Anthony Maher

ADVA Optical Networking announced that Nikos Theodosopoulos, founder and managing director of NT Advisors LLC, was elected by the Supervisory Board as their Chairman today. The election follows a unanimous proposal by the Management Board of ADVA Optical Networking and court appointment of Nikos Theodosopoulos as a member of the Supervisory Board until the next General Meeting. Nikos Theodosopoulos succeeds Anthony Maher, ADVA Optical Networking’s former Chairman of the Supervisory Board, following Mr. Maher’s unexpected passing in November of the prior year.

“Anthony Maher had served as a member of the Supervisory Board since 2002 and assumed the role of chairman at the beginning of 2009. His intellect, combined with industry experience and passion gave him a unique skill set which allowed him to be a mentor, a partner and a friend. Anthony helped ADVA Optical Networking be a stable company within a very challenging industry. He built the necessary strength in the corporate governance procedures with a strong focus on delivering the highest value to ADVA Optical Networking’s stakeholders. He is genuinely missed,” stated Brian Protiva, Chief Executive Officer of ADVA Optical Networking.

Nikos Theodosopoulos runs his own firm, NT Advisors LLC, serving clients in the technology, private equity and venture capital industries as an independent board director and consultant in the areas of corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and investor positioning. Nikos Theodosopoulos is also an active angel investor for start-ups in the technology sector. His extensive experience encompasses 30 years in the technology and finance industries including 18 years as a leading Wall Street equity research analyst and strategist in the technology sector and 10 years as an engineer and sales executive at Bell Laboratories and AT&T. Mr. Theodosopoulos holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Columbia University, a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business, USA.

“We are excited to welcome Nikos Theodosopoulos as the Chairman to our Supervisory Board,” commented Brian Protiva, CEO of ADVA Optical Networking. “His long years and the combination of successful leadership of global telecom and financial powerhouses will serve ADVA Optical Networking well. Nikos’ insight and experience will provide us with continued vision to solidify and further expand ADVA Optical Networking’s position in a competitive market environment.

Nikos Theodosopoulos commented: “I have always been impressed with ADVA Optical Networking’s innovations and the successful expansion of its global customer base. The company’s commitment to excellence and its desire to have top-notch leadership at the helm is noteworthy and I am excited to help drive further growth and to take part in the continued success of the company.”

The Supervisory Board of ADVA Optical Networking now consists of the following members:

  • Nikos Theodosopoulos – (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Founder and Managing Director, NT Advisors, LLC, Manhasset, New York, USA,
  • Prof. Dr. Johanna Hey – (Vice Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board), Professor for tax law, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany,
  • Eric Protiva – (Member of the Supervisory Board), Managing Director, EGORA Holding GmbH, Martinsried/Munich, Germany.