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Layer 2 security

Making Ethernet secure

With cloud services now at the heart of business operations, enterprises are looking for connectivity networks that provide robust data security. Changing privacy and integrity requirements as well as the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks have made data protection as important as the speed and performance assurance of Layer 2 business services. But security is not something built into most of today’s Ethernet networks. To fulfill the emerging data security needs of enterprises, communication service providers (CSPs) need a cost-effective way to encrypt Carrier Ethernet without impacting latency and throughput.

Layer 2 vulnerabilities

One of the most common – and least likely to be detected – security threats is hackers gaining access through switches and routers.
FSP 150-GE100Pro Series
ConnectGuard™ Ethernet’s unique capabilities make it perfect for offering security as an additional feature to increase the value of established connectivity services.

Meeting the strictest demands

Developed to the most stringent security standards, our ConnectGuard™ Ethernet fully complies with the US Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2.
FSP 150-GE100Pro Series

Meeting enterprise demand for protected connectivity

Our ConnectGuard™ Ethernet technology empowers CSPs to meet urgent demand for secure Layer 2 networking. Independently verified by EANTC labs for encryption and performance functions, ConnectGuard™ Ethernet delivers end-to-end data protection without affecting CSPs’ KPIs. It encrypts Ethernet traffic with line-rate performance for lowest latency and highest throughput. It also comes with none of the complexity and cost associated with other data protection techniques. With ConnectGuard™ Ethernet, customers can securely deliver real-time services such as delay-sensitive communication and cloud applications over MEF-compliant VPN networks.

Highly secure encryption

Our ConnectGuard Ethernet uses the secure AES-256 encryption algorithm to comprehensively protect user data as well as control and management traffic.
FSP 150-XG300 Series

Offering secure services

Successfully deployed by a host of major CSPs as well as operators of critical national infrastructure, ConnectGuard™ Ethernet is the ultimate solution for securing legacy networks. It’s built on an enhanced version of MACsec with additional tunneling overlay so that no infrastructure needs to be replaced. Ideal for VPN service protection, ConnectGuard™ Ethernet provides corrective controls as part of a complete set of Carrier Ethernet CFM and OAM functions for service monitoring and testing. Its unique capabilities make it perfect for offering security as an additional feature to increase the value of established connectivity services.
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