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Network security

Data has never been so vulnerable

The fierce growth in cybercrime puts data at greater risk than ever before. Together with the growing cost of data breaches, this makes the intelligent use of data protection technologies increasingly necessary for organizations of all sizes. What's more, the rapid adoption of cloud-based services and the resulting migration of mission-critical data outside of enterprise walls are raising significant security concerns. Secure high-performance connectivity solutions are urgently needed to ensure data remains safe and intact. The key question is: How can data in motion be effectively and reliably protected when traveling across today's global terabit networks?

Big data, big challenges

Encryption is the most effective way to increase data security and safeguard external network connections against unauthorized access. Network infrastructure solutions providing secure and scalable connectivity between points of presence and cloud locations are therefore at the heart of all data security architecture. Catering for all network security needs, we offer field-proven and widely deployed optical and packed-based solutions for secure site connectivity and access to the cloud. The ADVA ConnectGuard™ technology portfolio is designed to safeguard traffic on any connectivity network layer, ensuring confidentiality and integrity as well as the highest transmission performance.

Complete protection

Our ConnectGuard™ security toolbox provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art security infrastructure for all connectivity applications as an integrated, ready-to-run and fully automated solution. Our ConnectGuard™ optical solution on the FSP 3000 provides for disaster recovery and business continuity applications. Our ConnectGuard™ Ethernet on the FSP 150 protects data transported via Ethernet against espionage and manipulation. And both are designed to meet highest security requirements. All ADVA ConnectGuard™ implementations operate transparently to the network infrastructure, which ensures that data is encrypted without impacting network performance and enables easy integration into any existing network.

Layer 1 security

Enterprises are becoming more and more adept at locking down data inside the company walls and data centers. Cybercriminals are well aware of the firewalls, intrusion detection technology and anti-virus software being deployed to protect data at rest. That’s why their attention has turned to ...

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Layer 2 security

With cloud services now at the heart of business operations, enterprises are looking for connectivity networks that provide robust data security. Changing privacy and integrity requirements as well as the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks have made data protection as important ...
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Quantum-safe security

Recent technological advancements have troubled the data security world. The emergence of quantum computers – machines able to leverage the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations ...
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