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OFC 21

DCI OLS for the 400ZR era

ADVA’s latest open line system (OLS) has been specifically built for 400ZR applications. It’s engineered to help you meet fierce data demands in the most open, flexible and cost-effective way possible. Featuring an open design with open, standardized APIs, ADVA’s DCI OLS is fully optimized to work with 400ZR-compliant optics from any vendor. All you have to do is plug them in and go. It also includes multiple diagnostic tools to help you reduce operating costs and improve network performance and availability. And its high degree of integration simplifies hyperscale deployments.

The market’s only pluggable multiplexers

Our MicroMux™ series has been engineered to optimize your IP and transport networks without significant cost. These modules extend the value of existing network elements with plug-and-play simplicity. You can now easily multiplex existing 1Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s services into higher data rates to maximize shelf density with zero increase in footprint and power.