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Disaggregated networking for ultimate agility

Accessing global expertise through open networking

Vertically integrated solutions have served us well in the past. But these monolithic designs cannot meet tomorrow’s needs for agile, scalable and resilient next-generation infrastructure. Network operators must now adopt an open approach, enabling them to leverage best-in-breed innovation for each technology domain. This also empowers them to overcome barriers for services and revenue growth. With packet network disaggregation, operators can select the most appropriate bare-metal switch and combine it with their preferred network operating system.

Disaggregation diagram

Figure 1: Vertically integrated solution vs. open approach

TIP’s DCSG success validates packet network disaggregation

Open communities are playing a key role in specifying open architectures, and are instrumental in system integration and field trials. The TIP DCSG project confirmed the huge potential of open communities. In the incredibly short span of just two-years, a disaggregated cell site gateway solution was specified, developed, tested and implemented in live networks. This required close cooperation among major mobile network operators, silicon vendors, device manufacturers and software companies.

Disaggregation diagram

Figure 2: Open community project timeline

Openness means freedom to choose from the best

Our network operating technology and the expertise of our team have been instrumental at every phase of this network disaggregation success story. Drawing on our experience from the largest installed base of Ethernet demarcation devices, we were able to prioritize operational requirements and assure a seamless process from early testing to field acceptance. We then released our Ensemble Activator network operating system with the widest range of white box switches from suppliers such as EdgeCore, Alpha, Delta or UfiSpace, enabling our customers to tap into the huge potential of disaggregated networking.

Disaggregation diagram

Figure 3: High-performance hardware platforms that interoperate with ADVA Ensemble Activator

Disaggregation of optical transport networks for scale and efficiency

Optical line systems can be combined with optical terminals and can also  be used to transport alien wavelengths from routers, servers or other network devices. This flexibility enables service providers to cost-optimize their networks and extend capacity in a highly efficient way. Our optical lines systems have been specifically designed to interwork with third-party products, providing our customers with more value than other solutions.