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Stakeholders and CSR

Stakeholders and CSR
Stakeholder Engagement is relevant to sustainability in that it helps identify stakeholders’ expectations and update our focus on sustainability-related activities.

In the people segment, sustainability requirements of different stakeholder groups must be considered. This holds for our employees, our customers, our shareholders and investors as well as for our logistics partners, our suppliers and, last but not least, our communities. This is the area that traditionally has been served under the term corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility
We are an equal opportunity employer and has an on-going commitment to the creation of a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. No one should be held in slavery or servitude. The company is committed to a zero-tolerance policy. We also expect our suppliers to follow ADVA’s Supplier Code of Conduct. 

We are also committed to uphold the human rights of workers, and to treat them with dignity and respect as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as in our Position on Slavery and Human Trafficking published December 2016. 

International labor standards are an essential component for us to ensure equitable and sustainable growth for all employees.

Employee diversity
We continuously work on improving the female/male split in our management layer as well as the overall workforce.

Health and safety
We support a flexible, diverse, and casual work environment, which stimulates change and motivates our highly efficient people. We have designed our work and life program around our people because we know that they will spend the majority of their life at work.

The program comprises several categories, including, among others, health benefits, time-off offerings, and training & development and company events (group off-sites, team building activities). Our employees have access to the company doctor and regular eye examinations.

Social engagement
Our employees can join our volunteer teams and help others and/or volunteer their time to work on behalf of others for a particular cause. Our volunteer programs help not only promote good quality of life, but they also allow our volunteers to develop their own skills, meet others, make contacts and have fun. 

Volunteering takes on many forms and is performed by a wide range of people. Our volunteers serve on an “as-needed” basis, such as in response to natural disaster, marathons or runs for the cure of illnesses, and the needs of our community.