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Environment and resources

Environmental management
Apart from running office buildings, ADVA Optical Networking does not produce any air emissions or water discharge. Therefore, relevant performance under environmental compliance relates to waste production and treatment. Waste production and landfill disposal over time is shown in the following diagram. Note that plastics, cardboard and e-waste (WEEE) all go into respective recycling. ADVA Optical Networking is also re-audited against ISO14001:2009 on a yearly basis at all major sites. These audits are conducted by Quality Austria. In the last three years, zero non-compliances resulted. 

Resource efficiency
The group makes efforts to reduce energy and water consumption globally, despite company growth. Metering is constantly improved to identify electricity consumers. However, efficiency improvements are also limited sometimes, especially for buildings that are not owned by the group. Over recent years, we have steadily improved its tracking with regard to contributions to CO2 emissions. In 2016, the group tracked, and was able to report, contributions that fall into the GHG Protocol’s scopes 1 to 3.

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