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At ADVA, we're serious about sustainability. That's why we've adopted a triple-bottom-line approach with a focus on planet, people and profit. For us, sustainability means protecting the environment, enriching our people and growing our businesses. 

Our sustainability program is based on a holistic model covering all related aspects. This model was developed by BT and epi Consulting for sustainability assessments in the supply chain. The model covers all relevant aspects of sustainability and gives a guideline for the most important areas. In 2016, it was also adopted by the QuEST Forum and later the Telecommunications Industry Association Sustainability Initiative (TIA).

The model and its areas of focus are shown below: 

 Sustainability forum chart

We've been using the model since 2013 and, according to its assessment tool, our related results have improved during this period. Since 2017, we’ve been rated “Gold” in both this and EcoVadis Business Sustainability ratings.

TIA award