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What is spectrum as a service?

Future-proof networking

With traffic demand growing exponentially and operator margins under pressure, optical spectrum services provide a way to leverage the full value of optical network infrastructure assets. Just as in mobile networks, where network operators use different frequency blocks of the radio spectrum, it’s also possible to share the optical spectrum in a fiber network. Slices of the optical spectrum can be assigned to different users or applications to share the cost of infrastructure investments and to best exploit the available fiber capacity.

More value from deployed networks

A spectrum-as-a-service approach empower network providers to monetize their infrastructure and enable more differentiated service offerings. Spectrum service users can leverage their own terminals to optimize throughput over a given spectral slot and optical light path.
The ADVA team has been at the center of several PoCs of optical spectrum services involving multiple partners and network domains.

Beyond the limit

Now there’s a way to unleash untapped fiber capacity in any optical link.

Unleashing virtually unlimited capacity

With bandwidth demands on the rise, advances in coherent optics and programmable flex-grid technology are making spectrum as a service a real and affordable option. It’s also one that comes with several major benefits, such as simplifying demand planning, improving packet switch/router scalability and alleviating the need for OTN switching. Whether in core, metro or access networks, optical spectrum services enable efficient infrastructure sharing wherever fiber is scarce or line system utilization is low.

The path forward

ADVA technology enables zero-touch provisioning and service assurance for spectrum-as-a-service offerings.

The way ahead with spectrum as a service

Optical spectrum services present CSPs with a host of new revenue streams. Packages with service assurance capabilities wrapped around and provided as large enterprise networks or wholesale offerings are especially valuable. Whether static or dynamically controlled, we’re confident that spectrum as a service is the way forward for managing and monetizing optical network resources in a future-proof way.