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What is G.metro?

From tunable to self-tuning

The advent of tunable transceivers represented a major step toward reducing operational costs. They enabled users to tune their wavelengths based on the actual requirements of the network and removed the need for a transceiver for each wavelength. Tunable technology made it possible for a single transceiver to replace any faulty fixed transceiver. Furthermore, hot-swappable functionality meant that a faulty fixed transceiver could be rapidly restored. Now, though, innovation has taken another step forward with wavelength self-tuning technology. This enables transceivers to tune to a wavelength determined by the filter without manual intervention. And the benefits are enormous. Optical transceivers with wavelength self-tuning not only minimize spares and reduce set-up time but also eliminate the risk of human errors.

Scale without limits

AccessWave™ small form-factor pluggables (SFPs) with G.metro technology offer a way to expand fiber networks without the cost of an infrastructure overhaul.
Our AccessWave™ pluggable devices with self-tuning G.metro technology can be plugged straight into existing ADVA or third-party hardware, making it simple and cost-efficient to scale mobile, fixed broadband access and enterprise networks.

Minimizing spares and human error

Simple to plug in and power up, our AccessWave™ optical transceivers with G.metro technology automatically find and tune to the correct wavelength.

Revolutionizing DWDM passive optical networks

G.metro wavelength auto-tuning technology has revolutionized the way DWDM optical access networks are deployed and commissioned. With the emergence of 5G comes the need for access networks to support significantly higher-speed services with minimal extra equipment, cost and complexity. The number of access nodes to be upgraded is enormous and a simple and cost-efficient upgrade path is essential to minimize cost and operational complexity. The use of SFP devices means DWDM can be pushed further out into the access and backhaul network. Furthermore, host-independent, self-tuning pluggable transceivers can be plugged straight into the host device and set to the right wavelength within seconds and without manual intervention. The result: operators can easily and efficiently deliver higher-capacity services to a greater number of end users.

Safeguarding mission-critical data

Because G.metro architecture assigns end-users with different wavelengths by default, it provides enhanced data security.

Speed and security in the last mile

Our AccessWave™ Series of SFPs with G.metro technology helps operators smoothly increase capacity in access and backhaul networks. Delivering up to 25Gbit/s, our self-tuning and fully C-band tunable DWDM pluggable devices can be plugged straight into any ADVA or third-party hardware device, making it simple and highly cost-efficient to scale mobile, fixed broadband access and enterprise networks. With a hardened design, they can be deployed in outdoor deployments without temperature control. G.metro self-tuning technology minimizes setup time and eliminates human error through true zero-touch provisioning. Furthermore, the out-of-band communication channel also provides visibility of the status of remote plugs.