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Disaggregated networking

Taking disaggregation to the next level

Breaking up monolithic systems has been high on the agenda for cloud and network service providers for some time with the adoption of agile, disaggregated, open optical networking. Now the newest frontier in this movement towards greater flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling access to inexpensive products involves disaggregation of individual network elements. By unbundling a single network function into separate hardware and software, and harnessing software installation capabilities to install any operating system on open white boxes, operators can achieve new levels of efficiency and agility.

Flexibility and choice

Our focus on hardware disaggregation and migration to white box routers is a direct response to requests from major service provider and hyperscale customers. They know that the current model of closed network elements with proprietary interfaces, proprietary software and proprietary hardware cannot deliver the flexibility and cost-efficiency they need to meet growing demand. No longer are they prepared to be shackled by the compromises of vendor lock-in. Operators want to be able to leverage best-of-breed technology from different suppliers, simplify their overall systems and take control over the future of their networks.

Openness leads to innovation

At ADVA, we believe strongly in the value of openness and have been committed to advancing disaggregated network element innovation from the start. We were the very first system vendor to sign up to the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and, through its Open Optical Packet Transport group, we were also the first to take white box networking hardware to market. As one of the key architects of the Voyager white box solution, we’re providing a clear path for service providers to follow to dramatically improve efficiency and availability. Integrated services and support are also key to our vision for optimizing white box systems and so we’re ensuring that these are wrapped around all of our solutions.

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