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A new approach to network timing

Across all industries, synchronization networks are facing a key challenge. From broadcast to utilities to government, new levels of reliability and accuracy are needed. To achieve the robust synchronization necessary for emerging applications, such as smart grids and 5G, operators need to find a new way to mitigate GNSS’s vulnerability. Our answer to this is TrueTime™. Unlike other delivery mechanisms, our TrueTime™ solution uses the optical transport layer to carry highly precise timing from the core of the network all the way to the edge. With this technology, we’re able to deliver whole new levels of accuracy and reliability while at the same time simplifying network management and reducing cost.

Highly accurate PTP transport

TrueTime™ provides a reliable and resilient way to achieve unprecedented levels of timing precision throughout the network.
With our TrueTime™ technology, the need for unnecessary equipment is removed, empowering operators to streamline their infrastructure.

Ultimate protection against GNSS failures

Our hardware-redundant synchronization solution meets even the most stringent availability needs of critical infrastructure and business continuity.

Synchronization over optical channels

Our TrueTime™ solution combines ultra-accurate PTP packet processing and optical transport optimized for the lowest asymmetric delay. Delivered from our cesium-powered ePRTC core clocks, a dedicated bidirectional channel carries PTP traffic to access locations, and precise boundary clocks at intermediate sites assure ultra-accurate timing delivery. Closely-spaced, out-of-band wavelengths help TrueTime™ tackle asymmetric delay and leave all other channels available for customer traffic. With an integrated management solution for the transport and synchronization network, TrueTime™ also simplifies operational processes and reduces cost. Today’s networks with several sites may use thousands of GNSS receivers – all at risk from faults and malicious activity. With our TrueTime™ technology the need for unnecessary equipment is removed, empowering operators to streamline their infrastructure.

Future-proof timing

TrueTime™ offers the benefits of a fully integrated synchronization overlay solution, enabling operators to protect their investment by harnessing rapid innovation cycles.

Integrated, best-in-breed technology

TrueTime™ offers a proven and fully engineered solution built on best-in-class timing and optical transport innovation. It features our Oscilloquartz scalable grandmasters with multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receivers. With boundary clock class D accuracy, these sync devices forward PTP packets with the highest levels of precision, and equipment redundancy protects the synchronization network from any failure. What’s more, our open optical transport systems deliver PTP flows at ultra-low asymmetric delay. The combination of extremely accurate PTP packet processing and optimized optical transport creates an ultra-precise synchronization overlay that mitigates any GNSS issues. As each pre-integrated component of our TrueTime™ solution comes under the management umbrella of our comprehensive Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director, it delivers unprecedented simplicity and ease of use. And, with its graphical user interfaces, TrueTime™ provide easy access to information, assuring optimal transport and synchronization network performance.

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