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Open optical networks

Ultimate DCI flexibility

Disaggregation, open networking and SDN control have become key themes when discussing the future of optical networks. The desire for hardware and software that enable open, flexible, multi-vendor fiber optic networks has reached boiling point. Open line systems (OLS) offer freedom from single vendor lock-in and the opportunity to take advantage of different technological lifecycles, as well as deeper integration of optical layer with the electrical switching and routing layer. By utilizing an OLS, customers can leverage the latest innovation and take advantage of best-of-breed technology at any time.

A new approach for hyper-scale DCI

The industry's only open line system built on life-cycle automation and open SDN control.
Our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ is the ultimate solution for seamless integration with standard interfaces into northbound umbrella controllers.

Optical network disaggregation

FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ brings disaggregation and SDN-based openness to transport networking.

Full or partial disaggregation

As the industry's only truly open DCI solution, our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform offers unrivaled choice, scale and flexibility. By decoupling terminal functions from the line system, customers are able to evolve and optimize each network layer separately and maximize the value of specific component innovation cycles. Fully open management interfaces enable our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ to support all known DCI architectures. When bought as an OLS, it combines with our innovative SmartAmp™ technology to enable direct detect transmission over distances up to 100km. This combination presents a compelling opportunity for ICPs and CNPs to re-evaluate their DCI strategies.

Optical network disaggregation

High-speed connectivity as reliable, responsive and elastic as the cloud itself.

Open and agile SDN transport

For efficient control of multi-layer, multi-vendor networks, our FSP 3000 CloudConnect features native support for YANG modeling, NETCONF/RESTCONF protocols and open APIs. This makes it the ultimate solution for seamless integration with standard interfaces into northbound umbrella controllers. Already commercially deployed and showcased in various proof-of-concept installations, our FSP Network Hypervisor has been engineered to work with all open source and commercial SDN controllers. It creates a map of the underlying physical infrastructure, helping to decouple the complexities of managing photonic transmission systems while enabling greater network automation and optimization. The abstracted view of FSP 3000 optical network resources combined with open, standardized SDN interfaces makes our FSP Network Hypervisor unparalleled in the industry.

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